Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Almost famous

Hey there! I know we've relocated, and I would love for you to come see me at my new blog, but for anyone who missed the relocation notice, I'm just popping in to share a bit of excitement.

We're on The Kitchn!

I'm putting this identical post on all my blogs, because it's very exciting, so bear with me if you are an amazing person who reads ALL of my brain ramblings. I do apologize. 
But - I'm published! With the lovely and talented Amy Herr, who is a food photographer in Atlanta and a good friend of mine, and the person who took the photo above. We got accepted as contributors to the blog "The Kitchn", for their Kitchen Tour column, and our first tour went up on the site yesterday. Amy took all the photos and I wrote the text, and you can see it here