Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Holy Cow. And Pig

Divine revelations are all around us this week, it seems. Not only have I had the scales taken from my eyes in terms of goat cheese (see previous post), but I have finally found a reason to visit Los Angeles. Despite the talented and lovely people I'm aquainted with thru my line of work - hi marla! and the lures of the architecture, I could never bring myself to visit. In the words of somebody famous, there seemed to be no there, there.

But now! things are different. I have heard of an ice cream shoppe - I think it's called Scoops, and I'm pretty sure they are too hip to spell shop with an 'e' - who serves Bacon Flavored Ice Cream.

Can you imagine? Just think about it. Bacon. Ice Cream. The mind reels. Is it made with little bacon-y chunks? is it a maple or hickory cream base? Can you request your bacon soft and fatty or super crispy? Or - horrors - is it made with imitation Bac-o Bits? You could crack a tooth on that. One thing is certain - it probably isn't low-fat ice cream. I mean, what would be the point?

So a new addition to the must-do must-see list. I think I'll slot it in right after "seeing the Taj Mahal" although the airfare is certainly cheaper to LA.

And it will put to the test my personal theory, that EVERYTHING is better with bacon. Mmmmmm.....

Monday, July 9, 2007

OMG: The Goat Cheese Revelation

Despite the fact that I have, in the past, in this very blog, trumpeted the Grossness of Goat Cheese, I have to stand corrected. I have finally stumbled upon the fact that there are two types of goat cheese: the strongly aged type that does a nice job of standing in for a rancid, sweaty goat itself, and the young, unaged, soft, creamy, delicious... sorry, sort of lost control there.

Who knew? Not me.

I'm certainly glad I had decided to give the chevre another shot - part of my trying to expand my palate (instead of just my waistline) with stuff I'd always thought was yucky. Yeah, it's my inner five-year-old using the thesaurus today. But my inner adult is trying to come up with ways to use up the rest of this cheese, before I just break down and start licking it off the wrapper.