Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Once again proving that I don't have to travel far to get myself in trouble:

Last night I had to take a package to the late drop off at fedex, at the Atlanta airport. The station is actually on the airport grounds, and if you get there less than five minutes before the cut off time, they run your package out to the plane and pass it up to the pilot thru the driver's side window.

I pull up, tires smoking, trying to beat the cut off time, and in my haste I hit the speed bump a little harder than I should, and the THUMP somehow activates the (turned off) cassette in the tape deck, which just happens to be an instructional tape on how to speak Arabic, in preparation for my trip to morrocco next spring.

So as I pull into my parking place in front of the fedex, in the airport, my stereo starts blaring ALLAHINSHALLAHMYCULINSALLEM....

I mean really. Do things like this happen to anybody but me?

Wednesday, November 21, 2007


Oh, boy, I'm such a nerd, but this is the coolest. I'm sitting in the airport, waiting to visit my mom for thanksgiving. It's juist as painful and dull as you'd expect, and if I hear one more "Homeland Security" announcement I am going to start goose-stepping down the jetway, but get this- I'm whinging about it on my blog VIA MY PHONE. My inner geek has the shivers. I bought one of those styling new sidekicks, with the huge keyboard and the unlimited web access (which I was able to sign up for in only four attempts- c'mon, tmobile, Ilm offering you money) and now I am unblogstppoable. Except now, cause I'm b oarding.