Wednesday, November 21, 2007


Oh, boy, I'm such a nerd, but this is the coolest. I'm sitting in the airport, waiting to visit my mom for thanksgiving. It's juist as painful and dull as you'd expect, and if I hear one more "Homeland Security" announcement I am going to start goose-stepping down the jetway, but get this- I'm whinging about it on my blog VIA MY PHONE. My inner geek has the shivers. I bought one of those styling new sidekicks, with the huge keyboard and the unlimited web access (which I was able to sign up for in only four attempts- c'mon, tmobile, Ilm offering you money) and now I am unblogstppoable. Except now, cause I'm b oarding.

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patrick said...

Truly you are a nerd. A delightfully hot one, tho.