Sunday, March 9, 2008

The Visccitudes of Nature

So, my hot water heater has given up the ghost, and it announced that fact by pouring water all over my laundry room the day before yesterday. Thank god I rent. I figured, not a problem, I'll deal with cold water for a couple of days, and hopefully the landlord will get it replaced quickly. It's already spring, the daffodils are popping and the chipmunks are out, so it's not like it's December.

So of course that means I woke up yesterday to my first day of cold showers, and found that it was SNOWING. In Atlanta. In March. I know the heat's on in the house and all, but soft, fluffy flakes of coldness - every one different! - did nothing for the shower morale. I got an ice-cream headache on the OUTSIDE of my head when I washed my hair.

Mother Nature: a cranky, untrustworthy bitch, given to strike at any time.

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Deborah Dowd said...

You were hit not only by Mother Nature, but the gremlins of home appliances - a crappy combination. This is where friends come in handy. Good luck- hope you have hot water or warm weather soon!