Sunday, January 17, 2010

The First Ever Constant Holiday Giveaway!

I recently ordered a book from the lovely people at Smoky Mountain Books, called "How To Travel Practically Anywhere - The Ultimate Planning Guide" by Susan Stellan, published in 2006. I am a big fan of the theory that planning the trip is half the fun - I am really not happy unless I am surrounded by lists and maps and post-its and pictures, puzzling out a new destination - and somehow, being me and able to mess up the simplest thing, including an internet order, I managed to order two copies. The nice people at SMB's, who cannot recognize senility when they see it, obligingly sent me two copies.

Now, as much as I looooooove planning, I cannot use two books. Even a person as lazy as I am cannot see leaving one copy in the den and one in the kitchen to save the effort of carrying it from room to room. (Though I considered it.) SO! I have decided to put it to good use: it will be the prize in the first ever Constant Holiday Giveaway!

All you have to do to enter is put a note in my comments or send me an email telling me your favorite vacation EVER. How easy is that? A caveman could do it. And I will pick a winner, totally at random, because everything else in my life is random, so why not this?

So comment away, or send an email to, and get to winning!


patrick foster said...

Scotland, 2002. Whats a little freezing rain when you're in a real castle?

Kalena Michele said...

Am i too late? lol The best vacation I ever took was to Chattanooga with my grandmother and great-aunt. They were raised there for some time and took us with them to visit friends. We all rode in a 1960s Mercedes Benz (me, aunt, Grand, my sister, and my cousin Joi) which was HUGE and we shared fried chicken and biscuits out of a shoebox in the back seat. We had the best time out there in the mountains. Good times!