Monday, March 22, 2010

Photo of the week

This picture is a little soft and fuzzy, due to ill-advised hand-holding, but then it's Monday and we probably ALL feel a little soft and fuzzy. I worked most of the weekend at my desk so I could use a little soft fuzziness right now.

Focus issues aside, I love the way the ceiling fixtures open up and draw you into the hallway. This is from a night tour of the Louvre (they are open until ten on Thursdays) and so all of the daylight that normally floods these halls is missing, leaving only the shadowy, gas-fixture light to illuminate the galleries. I like to think this is what it looked like in the past, with ladies in satin dresses drifting down the halls toward string music in the Apollo Room.

Flattering light is key, even if it's only in your imagination...


Kalena Michele said...

This is the type of ceiling you'd stare at as you walk closer to it and then realize that...OMG, I'm standing in this awesome hallway that I didn't even know I was walking toward. Great photo! Also, I planted those pepper seeds today.

Madame Fromage said...

I love the photo of the week. Beautiful blog. I like how it allows me to wander from books to ceilings to food to...reverie. Thanks for joining me in the cheese-o-sphere (via recent comments).